How To Sell Moonshine Rdr2 Online

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How To Sell Moonshine Rdr2 Online. About Rdr2 Online Moonshine Guide. This isnt hard.

Red Dead Online How To Play As A Moonshiner Usgamer
Red Dead Online How To Play As A Moonshiner Usgamer from

Also changing the location of your moonshine shack in Red Dead Online and getting a free shack upgrade in the latest RDR2 Online Moonshiners update will be covered in this guide. They unlock recipessellers and a one time permanent reduction to mash cost by 10-RDO. Pay 5 Gold Bars.

The pre-nerf collector was ridiculous in this regard and even now is still a great way to fill your wallet but you need to be actively playing and searching for those collectable items to sell back to Madam Nazar in full sets.

With me the normal buyer disappears and I HAVE to sell that batch to Bert. This action will reduce the mash cost to 10 RDO and deliver 2k xp. At a Doctors you can sell any pickable flowersherbs like Violet Snowdrop Creeping Thyme Currants etc. The higher quality a batch the longer the cooking time however ultimately it only makes sense producing and delivering moonshine of the highest quality.